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Our Purpose

The purpose of Bright Beginnings Day Care is to provide an atmosphere of warmth and caring for all children enrolled. Each child will be provided with individual attention, yet learn social awareness with the Golden Rule and kindness towards others at the base. Every effort will be made for the child, as well as the parents, to feel comfortable at their home away from home. Therefore a relaxed, caring, positive tone shall be provided by qualified staff at our childcare facilities.

Our Goals

  1. To provide an enjoyable yet structured day for each child.

  2. To provide both group activities and individual time with opportunities to make choices.

  3. To promote kindness and cooperation towards one another.

  4. To promote learning of the basics for preschoolers to build a positive learning mindset as they enter into school.

  5. To provide school-age children a safe before and after school environment with a variety of age-appropriate activities to choose from.

  6. To offer a summer school-age program with fun and learning combined.

  7. To give hugs, laughter and genuine caring for one another along with positive direction to each child.

  8. To keep the line of communication open between our center and parent/guardian with the best interest and needs of each child.

  9. To listen...

Our Philosophy

Bright Beginnings Day Care believes every child will perform better in familiar, comfortable, and secure surroundings. Therefore, a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere is provided. Daily activities include age-appropriate playtime, art, music, and a variety of learning experiences. Morning and afternoon snack is offered depending on the program for which the child is enrolled. Nap or quiet time is provided to give children time to rest. Working together, cooperating and compromising will help the child grow and learn to live with others.

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